The cross on St. Peter's

Saint Peter's Anglican Church
Comox, BC, Canada

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The Unity Cupboard is open twice each week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
All those in need will be welcomed at the church office at those times.

The Unity Cupboard serves as a food bank to assist those in our community who are in need. It supplies, in small quantities, staples such as juice and coffee, tinned milk, soups, pasta, tinned meat, toiletry items, socks and mittens. As well St. Peter’s is able to store and dispense frozen food items such as frozen vegetables, small packages of meat, margarine, etc.

Please bring your food donations on White Gift Sunday, which is the second Sunday of each month. Donations may be actually be made anytime by leaving them in the basket underneath the sidesman's table at the back of the church. Food items must be received in their original packaging. Fresh fruit and vegetables are also welcome. A list of suggested food and other items can be found on the sideman’s table or posted on the St. Peter’s bulletin board in the hall. If items such as meat are purchased unfrozen, please ensure that they are clearly date stamped and refrigerated until brought to the office for freezing. If you are bringing food items already frozen, please ensure they remain so and are placed directly into the freezer at the church office. Any perishable items should be brought to the church office during office hours rather than on White Gift Sunday.

White Gift Sunday comes again this week-
Here's a list of groceries that we seek.
Cans of tuna, salmon, veggies & fruit,
Jello, puddings, coffee and tea to BOOT!
Your hugs and support with packages small
Is surely an answer to our Lord's call.

During the year, the Unity Cupboard assists over 100 adults and their families. The need in our community remains great.